Faith Nketsi Thinking Of Posting Daughter Sky Amid Sneaky Snaps From Strangers

Reality show star Faith Nketsi is contemplating posting her daughter Sky’s face online. But should she? Social media has become a wild space with so many uncertainties and so many uncouth people that people are now circumspect about sharing some things online.

In a recent tweet, the mother of one noted that she is thinking of letting go of her fear and just posting her daughter. Apparently, people have been taking sneaky pictures of her and her daughter and she has been walking up to them and making them delete the pictures they took.

But she is tired of that life at this point, and posting her daughter seems like the best move in the circumstance, as, in her view, people would have less motivation to get sneaky images of her daughter. Why would they do that when there would be an abundance of her daughter’s images in better resolution online and posted by her?

Sky is the product of the Have Faith star’s relationship with Nzuzo Njilo, who was recently declared wanted by the South African Police Services (SAPS) for fraud. Pu can check out her post below.


It is unclear if and when Faith would eventually decide to post her daughter

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