Fake Video Of Kanye West Saying He’s Moving To South Africa To Start A New Life Ignite South Africans — Watch

South Africa has been so plagued with an electricity crisis that when word spread that American rapper would be visiting the Rainbow Nation, it was inevitable that they should make a joke of the situation.

It turned out the clip in which the songster noted that he would be coming to SOUTH Africa to start a new life was, in fact, doctored, and the musician had not said those words.

Still, the clip was sufficient to get SOUTH Africans excited enough to share their thoughts about the possibility of having him in Mzansi.

Some tweeps joked that he should come with his own electricity while visiting. South Africa is, after all, facing an energy crisis, with as the most visible result of this spooky reality.

Another joked that celebrities come to South Africa when their brains stop working, and they usually get a lot better by the time they leave. The same person cited as an example, with as the latest addition of celebs allegedly coming to South Africa to seek relief. You can check out the clip below.

Anyway, if should come to South Africa, chances are Cassper Nyovest would want to see him. The “Doc Shebeleza” changer has indicated an interest in working with his American counterpart.

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