Family Of Tbello “Tibz” Motsoane Demand Answers From Police Over Son’s Death Alongside AKA

It is the wish of many not to be victims of gunshot wounds let alone a violent death through gunshots. But as the saying goes, life happens and those affected grapple with the bloody realities. That has been the case with the families of Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane, who died with AKA on February 10.

AKA and Tebello had been gunned down just outside Wish Restaurant on Florida Street in Durbanand neither of them survived the hail of bullets. Since their killing, questions have been flying around about what really happened and Tibz’s family has been unable to find closure.

Tibz was AKA’ close friend and former manager, and he was with the “Fela in Versace” rapper on that fateful day he was gunned down.

According to his family, they have not been briefed by the police regarding the investigation into their son’s death. The family wants to know the circumstances surrounding their son’s death.

While, based on what the family said, it appeared the police have not been forthcoming with clues about what transpired on that fateful day, social media is bubbling with theories, with some claiming that those with AKA at the time had questions to answer regarding his death.

It remains to be seen what the police will unravel.

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