Fan Fetched Out AKA’s Old Contradicting Tweet After Asking For Donation

AKA asks for donations prompting Twitter users to dig up his old tweets

Twitter users dig up AKA’s old disrespectful tweets after he asked for donations.

Like we always say, the internet never forgets. Be careful what your tweet today because it might come back to haunt you later in life. AKA got served a taste of his own medicine recently and it was funny to see.

We have no idea if he was joking but he asked for donations yesterday. The Mzansi rapper revealed in a tweet that he was starting a GoFundMe account so people can donate to him. Then, he asked if they would. In reply, users dug up a tweet where he laughed at the notion of people seeking advice from janitors and bartenders.

This led many to laugh off his donation request, with some seeking an apology from him. We all thought AKA was paid until he revealed he wasn’t paid a cent for his Reebok collaboration. Now, we’re wondering what’s up.

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