Fan Goes Crazy Over Meeting Uncle Waffles, Says He’ll Marry Her

Watch as a fan goes crazy after meeting Uncle Waffles while she was performing a gig.

Uncle Waffles is winning. The Mzansi star was last year’s biggest break out star. She has been working hard and taking her name all over the world, performing various international gigs.

While Mzansi chooses to make fun of her, Waffles continues to win. The Mzansi star recently had an amazing encounter with a fan at a recent gig. The fan was so excited to meet Waffles and he promised to marry her. The fan’s excitement was what made the video so much fun.

This proves yet again Waffles’ influence on her fans. Mzansi was thrilled when Drake joined Waffles’ Instagram Live video and hailed her for what she does. She has continued to snag gigs this year. She recently topped the Albums chart with her debut EP “Red Dragon” and has gained praise for the song “Tanzania”.

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