Fans and Friends Celebrate Durban Music Veteran “Steve Fataar,” Dies At 76

At 76 years old, Durban Music Veteran and founder of the band, Flames, Steve Fataar bowed out in death on Saturday, causing fans and friends and lovers to pay tribute to him for a life well spent and for his contribution to the music landscape in South Africa.

Steve Fataar lived a full life and was a wonder to listen to when he hit the stage with his band. Their song, “For Your Special Love” is one for all times and continues to be listened to across the country.

Following his passing, friend, Steffie Betts wrote:

My Stevie… your gig at Zacks last night was the most amazing reunion of so many of us, it was truly magickal. And, this morning, you left us… Knowing you, you would love the fact that this was such a magnificent “send off”

Cartoonist, Nanda Soobben posted a beautiful artwork of Fataar with the caption:

Hey Steve,
If only I knew. I would’ve come to Zacks last night and spent those final moments with you. You played for the greatest rock band in this country and maybe in the world.

The praises continue to pour in for the veteran singer and it is doubtful if they would be ending anytime soon as his music touched a lot of people.

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