Fans Chuffed As Gogo Skhotheni Steps Out In Jean Dungaree

Notable sangoma (local healer) Gogo Skhotheni charmed her fans recently with a picture of her jean dungarees. Most of those who saw her picture were like, oh, this is gorgeous.

The sangoma had shared a picture of herself rocking the outfit on her official Instagram page. In the caption, she had shouted out those who had styled her, from her hair stylist, down to the designer of the outfit she wore.

In the picture she shared, she could be seen outdoors in what appears to be her apartment. Her outfit was somewhat capacious – deliberately sewn that way, of course – but then, it still had many of her fans swooning over it.

As far as most of those who commented on the post were concerned, she rocked the outfit well, and they wouldn’t mind having something similar for themselves. You can check out the post below.

Gogo Skhotheni runs a reality show with her husband. She is known as much for her reality show and sangoma duties as for her sporadic war with another sangoma, Gogo Maweni. The two rarely get on well. So, now and then, news of their fights erupts all over social media. How soon until they return to amity? Time will tell.

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