Fans Claim Younger DJ Maphorisa Looked Like Skomota – See Pic

There is never a shortage of opinions when it comes to celebrities – their lives now and previously. At least, the evidence for this is all over the place. But South African musician DJ Maphoria may have provided us with our latest example.

But before we leap into that, you may want to look at a current picture of the DJ and check if he shares facial similarities with the TikTok sensation Skomota. You’d probably shake your head, stating there is no similarity.

Anyway, days ago, DJ Maphorisa shared a picture of himself in his younger years and just starting out as a DJ. He wasn’t in fashionable clothes for which he is currently famous.

Also, his quarters looked pretty poor, as he wasn’t rich at the time. But that was not even the focus of South Africans. The image had many South Africans stating that DJ Maphorisa looked like Skomota at the time.

But does he? In terms of height and skin colour, we think there is great similarity – for the face, not quite so. Lol. You can see the post below and decide for yourself.

By the way, Skomota recently hired founders to keep people away from himself, leading to rounding of hailing and questions from his compatriots.

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