Fans Compare Kabza De Small and DJ Tira’s Looks and Ages

Fans started a debate comparing Piano star Kabza De Small and Gqom star DJ Tira’s looks and ages.

One thing Kabza De Small and DJ Tira have in common is their incredible talent. Both Disc Jockeys and producers have given Mzansi some of the biggest hits of all time. However, their hits and street cred aren’t what is being compared right now.

A debate was started on Twitter recently after influencer Chris Excel shared photos of Kabelo and Tira revealing their ages. It was evident that he meant to show that Tira is way older than Kabza, but Kabza is aging faster than him.

Well, fans picked up the hint and ran with it. They noted that Kabza obviously looks older than the Gqom star. Some blamed his lifestyle for this and accused him of not eating and living healthily. Check out some of the comments made under the tweet.

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