Fans Compare Thuso Mbedu and Tyla’s Accents

Mzansi fans compare Thuso Mbedu and Tyla’s accents while granting an interview on American television.

Thuso Mbedu has made Mzansi proud in so many ways. The famous actress has delivered incredible performances in the roles that she has been given. However, Mzansi believes she isn’t representing the country enough.

“The Underground Railroad” star previously appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and was accused by Mzansi of faking her American accent. During the interview, she spoke about her shock when she saw her face on a billboard.

According to her, she had just released “The Woman King” with Viola Davis, and the film’s poster was on numerous billboards in America. Mzansi noted that she spoke an American accent throughout the interview and criticized her for it.

Tyla, on the other hand, was recently a guest on The Jennifer Hudson Show, where she spoke about her music and representing South Africa. She also taught the EGOT winner how to pull off the Water Dance Challenge.

Tyla spoke about finding out she had been nominated for a Grammy Award. Her South African accent made fans from home shower her with praise while comparing her to Thuso Mbedu, who, according to them, spoke a fake accent.

Lisa_Akh wrote, “I loved her ‘Yoh’ I was like ‘Nee maan, she is coloured from Mzansi’.” @montanhahh replied, “Tyla does not have to change for these Americans, they are the ones who are obsessed.” Matema_ wrote, “Tyla is was we thought Trevor Noah and Thuso Mbedu would be for South Africans, I love her so much.”

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