Fans Congratulate Lamiez Holworthy After She Hinted At Her Baby’s Arrival

Lamiez Holworthy’s fans sent her congratulatory messages after the DJ hinted at the supposed arrival of her baby boy with beautiful maternity photos.

We must all thank Lamiez Holworthy for taking us with her on her pregnancy journey. Some say people lose their glow when pregnant, but the famous DJ proved everyone wrong. Some would say she got even more beautiful.

The famous DJ shared several photos to show fans how well she was doing. Some have labeled her royalty because of her photoshoot theme. She also recently shared more pictures and hinted at the fact that she’s having a boy.

She revealed that dressing boys up can be quite tricky and expensive. She also revealed that she was looking forward to more. However, her fans seemed to believe that it meant the baby had finally arrived. They took to the comments section to congratulate her. Read some of the comments below.

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