Fans Convinced Weak Security Protocal Made AKA An Easy Target After Former Bodyguard Speaks

AKA’s fans, collectively known as the Megacy, are convinced that security was indeed weak and that was what made AKA an easy target and ultimately led to his assassination on February 10.

The “Touch My Blood” rapper had just stepped out of Wish Restaurant on Florida Road in Durban and was in the company of his associates when hitmen stormed the scene, shooting him at point-blank range. He collapsed on the pavement, drenched in blood – never again to share the embrace of his girlfriend and family.

It was as tragic an end as can be, and theories have been flying about what went down that fateful day, with tweeps claiming that some of his friends at the restaurant must have given him out.

Fans Convinced Weak Security Protocal Made Aka An Easy Target After Former Bodyguard Speaks 2

A new argument about the case surfaced after his former bodyguard Anway “Dogg” Khan gave an interview in which he noted that if he was on the ground at the time, he would have handled AKA’s movements better and the incident would not have happened. He noted security was weak which was why it was easy to get to the rapper.

South Africans are towing the same line right now. Sadly, that would not bring Kiernan back to life

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