Fans Demand A Collabo As Uncle Waffles & Tyla Show Off Their Dance Moves – Watch

South African lady singers Uncle Waffles and Tyla have so charmed the Rainbow Nation with their recent dance move that they have many people advocating for their collaboration.

The two singers aren’t known to have worked on a song before. But with the recent clip of them dancing their souls out, fans are keen to see them release a joint tune together.

In a clip shared by a fan of Uncle Waffles, the songstress could be seen with Tyla and a couple of other people as they danced and generally had a good time. However, most people who saw the video were more focused on the ladies – Waffles and Tyla.

Whether the two of them will eventually release a joint jam together is unclear at this point. But given that most musicians we know have a habit of listening to their fans, chances are the two will actually drop something one day.

When that happens, of course, you can count on us to share the same with you. In the interim, you are welcome to immerse yourself in the world of what they have created with the clip of them, dancing.

It’s Mzansi for Tyla and Uncle Waffles soon enough.

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