Fans Divided Over iFani’s Hectic Comment Regarding Boity Thulo’s Assault

Fans of are divided over his hectic comments about Boity’s assault by media personality, Bujy Bikwa.

Popular hit maker, and TV star, is currently caught in a cross fire for comments made about Boity’s assault by Bujy Bikwa. According to reports, the former Metro FM host threw a bottle at Boity resulting in a couple of injuries on her body.

Reacting to the news, shared in a tweet that he “wouldn’t use a bottle” if God gave him a chance to hit Boity. Fans have found it hard to make sence of what he means by the tweet. This has led to several reactions on social media.

While some have called for his music to be ignored, others believe he intentionally messed with words but was rather being sexual. Still no one can make any sense of what he means. Let’s see if you can.

The Controversial Tweet

Fans Reaction

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