Fans Excited For Trevor Noah’s Podcast ‘What Now With? Trevor Noah’ Launch

Fans are excited as the date for the launch of Trevor Noah’s Podcast “What Now? With Trevor Noah” nears.

For “The Daily Show,” host Trevor Noah has announced his next moves, and everyone is thrilled for him. The famous comedian and TV host has been missed since he stepped down from hosting “The Daily Show.”

He announced his forthcoming podcast, “What Now? With Trevor Noah,” which is scheduled to launch on Spotify. The streaming platform shared a snippet of the show and announced the date as 9 November. Trevor dominated the trends following the snippet release by Spotify.

Trevor has also shared plans to change the world with his conversations with the influential guests who will be on the podcast. He said,

“My passion and my joy have always been connecting people and connecting ideas. On the podcast, that’s what I’m going to be doing… Not in a way that’s reactive, not in a way that’s specifically tied to what people think of as news but rather cultural moments, ideas that give us a better understanding of the world we live.”

The streamer also described him as a master storyteller. “Trevor Noah is a master of storytelling, and soon he’ll bring that to his very own podcast, ‘What Now? with Trevor Noah, ’ coming November 9.”

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