Fans Excited watching DJ Zinhle’s Dancing With Daughters Kairo Forbes & Asante

The family had known grief and certainly understands that a time will come to just chill and dance as well. Well, that moment came recently for South African singer and entrepreneur DJ Zinhle and her daughters Asante and Kairo Forbes.

In a post on her official Instagram page, DJ Zinhle herself had shared that goofy moment with her kids. The mother of two was in a good mood, as were her kids, who danced along with her.

The on-video caption revealed what led to the dancing. Apparently, he’d told them there’s dancing that makes muffins bigger. They bought the joke and started dancing with her to make their muffins bigger.

In the caption to the post, she joked about a world where kids believe everything she says. The hilarity of that moment wasn;t lost on many SOuth Africans. who poured into the comment section to laugh at what was going on in the video.

From fellow celebs to ordinary folks, everyone had a good time laughing at that memorable. You can check it out below.

e moment between mother and daughter. DJ Zinhle has a close relationship with her daughters, the first of whom was the result of her failed relationship with the late AKA.

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