Fans Excited As Thuso Mbedu Imbues The Comic “Niobe” With “New Life”

It is oten said that you don’t know what you van do until you try. This reality manifests almost all the time, with South African actress Thuso Mbedu as the latest example.

She is an actress and is known for the same. But she has got some writing chops, too, as she recently revealed, co-writing the comic “Niobe.”

Of course, “Niobe” is not a new manifestation on the comic universe. The only difference right now is that the South African was instrumental in co-writing the latest script, invariably also taking on the tag as an author.

Many believe that with her being a part of the team that wrote the latest instalment of “Niobe” – really title “Niobe: She Is Life.”

Thuso Mbedu, they believe, will breathe new life into the comic series, which welds religion and fantasy, with a touch of racism.

Thuso Mbedu herself is chuffed to finally wear an author’s badge. If someone had told her she should end up co-writing a series in the future, she would probably have laughed it off.

But here she is at the moment, basking in the glory of a new win, with a whole nation massively supporting her. Way to go, Thuso!

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