Fans Love Rihanna’s New Female Bodyguard

Fans are showing love to Barbadian singer Rihanna’s new bodyguard, as they share their thoughts about her.

Rihanna is certainly one of the most loved celebrities in the world. The singer has dominated the world of music, family, etc. Everything to touches always turns to gold. Of course, we don’t expect her to walk the streets or show up at events alone.

The singer has often been spotted with a new bodyguard who is female, and fans are loving it. The Rihanna fan account @gabgonebad asked about the “Work” star’s new security detail, and fans shared their thoughts about her. The account wrote,

“I love that now Rihanna has a female bodyguard.”

Fans commented that she looks like she doesn’t take nonsense from anyone. @cyanopreme reacted, “She look like she don’t play either.” @bria_barrows replied, “Oh she definitely Caribbean lol. Look at her mouth. Lol.” Curt_Tiwone wrote, “She look like she gets down and DON’T play!”

Not much is known about her. Rih was in the news late last year for naming “Mnike” as one of her favorite songs. She said, “Album of the year? Am I an album girl? Or am I a streaming single girl? [by Davido featuring Musa Keys] on repeat. That and Mnike [by Tyler ICU and Tumelo] are my song of the year.”

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