“Keep Them Letters Coming” Kodak Black’s Team Makes His Prison Contact Address Public

Kodak Black is absolutely making plans for when he gets out of the prison as he urges his fans to write to him in prison.

American rapper Kodak black isn’t letting his predicaments hold him down from connecting with his fans from inside the prison. Seeking to build a strong pen pal/ fans base from the pen, his Sniper Gang Apparel Instagram account posted his address and encouraged fans to write him more.

The post reads;

Keep them letters coming. They mean the world to Yak. 📝🐐🔓 #JusticeForKodak #FreeKodak

This shows that Kodak’s fans absolutely mean a lot to him. Recall Kodak was sentenced to jail for a period of three Years and ten Months in the federal prison for lying about his criminal record to purchase guns.

In the midst of his tribulations fans have noticed a more self cautious and Charitable Kodak Black. Bradford Cohen told TMZ the rapper gave out thousands of dollars to the less fortunate during the festive season and also donating to various charities, Religious institutions and individual families.

Kodak Black who was reportedly injured in a prison fight is recovering and wants to use his time in the pen to get close to his fans.

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