Fans Mock R. Kelly’s Alleged $2 Million Net Worth

Some social media denizens who have noticed the massive drop in R Kelly’s net worth are throwing laughing emojis all over the place.

Formerly one of the richest musicians out there, with a net worth of over $200 million, R Kelly’s net worth currently sits at minus 2 million.

While some social media denizens mocked the disgraced RnB veteran for his drop from grace and drop to a “paltry” net worth, others defended him. One social media user asked those mocking the songster to R Kelly’s net worth again and see if their net worth come close to him.

R Kelly fell from grace when a documentary revealing he abused multiple women surfaced online. Since then, his ratings had also fallen, with those he collaborated with denouncing him publicly for his allegedly sexually predatory behaviour. And those who are still associating with him are mostly treated with scorn by the public.

R Kelly is so short on money right now that, according to a report by Billboard he’s selling his publishing catalogue to raise funds to cater to his legal and other needs. A key difference is that his catalogue has also fallen in value, with platforms reluctant to play or distribute them.

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