Fans Notice Emtee’s Recent Weight Gain

Fans of SA Hip Hop star Emtee notice he has gained weight.

The year has been all about Emtee. The famous artist has been in the news a lot for his music, his opinions, and his separation from his wife. The famous emcee has been separated from his wife for some time now.

Emtee hit the stage at Cotton Fest over the past weekend, and he looked very different from what we have seen in the past. Fans noticed the star had gained weight since he separated from his wife and left his family home. Some noticed he now has a pot belly.

They took to the comments section of their post to share what they noticed. Emtee and his estranged wife, Nicole Chinsamy, have been at odds for a while now. Nicole had accused the rapper of assault and later withdrew the claims. Emtee claims she never loved him. Is it possible he’s happier now that he’s not with her?

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