Fans Of Jonas Brothers Furious After Ticketmaster Bars Them From Concert

It is all shades of painful when you are desirous to see your idol perform live on stage and are ready to fork over the money for the tickets but somehow are shut out for no fault of yours. Well, that is the reality of many fans of the Jonas Brothers right now. And most of them have taken to social media to share their anger.

Last week, ahead of the reunion album, the Jonas Brothers announced a tour dubbed, well, “The Tour.” The announcement provoked jubilation among fans who have been craving to see them perform again, and they waited for their verified fan presale code from Ticketmaster.

However, while some received codes, others did not. For whatever reason, they did not make the cut, and most are unhappy about that. So they stormed social media to register their complaints.

For some tweeps, getting the codes was the best way to experience the group up close again, since they have not been particularly active of recent and some peeps have even decreed them dead.

One upset fan noted that she got on the waitlist for a Verified Fan for about 15 years, but she did not eventually get the ticket – a heartbreaking reality.

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