Fans Pay Tribute To Justin Bieber On His 29th Birthday

Fans Pay Tribute To Justin Bieber On His 29th Birthday

It is beautiful indeed to be loved and for people to show that openly. For celebrities, this is actually a daily reality. But is especially on their birth. Canadian singer Justin Bieber celebrated his 29th birthday, and the outpouring of love from his fans is something anyone would love to experience.

While some fans shared old pictures of the singer as a kid and celebrated the young man and famous musician he has become today, some shared their favourite lyrics from some of the numbers he has released to date, while others shared memorable clips of him performing. And ye others merely wished him a happy.

One particular fan noted how she had grown up with the singer since 2009. She also noted how emotional she was writing that while at the same time wishing him all the happiness in the world. Another shared a clip of him performing one of his songs and described it as the best ever made. You can check out some of the comments below.

Justin Bieber informed the world not long ago about his affliction which made the side of his face to droop. But he remained positive and marched into his birthday in good spirits