Fans Rave Over New Trailer For Mzansi Magic’s “Shaka iLembe”

The producers of “Shaka iLembe” will certainly be impressed by the reception the current trailer of the show is generating. Compared to previous trailers, the current one has got many fans nodding their heads.

The much-anticipated trailer for “Shaka iLembe” was released only recently by Mzansi Magic. The trailer got many South Africans excited because, in their estimation, it trumped previous trailers released by Mzansi Magic.

The principal grouse against previous trailers was that they contained too many explicit scenes. In contrast, the current trailer is markedly different and has earned mostly rave reviews from fans.

The reviews might give an idea of the reception for the flick when it eventually drops on June 18. You can check out the clip below.

Trailers are more like dessert to sate the hunger of fans while priming them for the real course. Sometimes, producers get it right and sometimes, they blow it. This is one such time when producers have put something together that fans are excited about

Will “Shaka iLembe” actually live up to expectations when the full flick is released? That is one question that time will likely answer in a couple of days. For now, you can immerse yourself in the trailer.

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