Fans React As A-Reece Seeks Their Thoughts On “Revenge Pack” & “Paradise 2”

“Revenge Pack”? No, please, “Give Us ‘Paradis 2′”. That has been the verdict of the Slimes, as the fans of South African rapper A-Reece are collectively called.

The rapper has suggested releasing a new album, “Revenge Pack” before the official release of “Paradise 2,” but fans are not having it. They have a point, perhaps. After all, dates have been flying over the past few years on the potential release of “Paradise 2,” but it was never released.

Instead, the songster had dropped a couple of other projects. “Paradise 2,” a follow-up to the songster’s “Paradise” album, has an October release date. It is still tentative anyway. But fans appeared to have had enough already, and many of them are clamouring for A-Reece to forget any other project and just give them “Paradise 2.”

Of course, there were those who urged A-Reece to go ahead with his “Revenge Pack” release and then follow it up with “Paradise 2.” You can check out the tweet and some comments below.

Ultimately, of course, the decision on what exactly to release first – and when – rests with the rapper. Of course, we will be here to share with you whatever he drops. Stay tuned for the next bang if you please.

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