Fans React As Anele Mdoda Steps Out As Mr D Delivery Worker For A Day

Controversial media personality Anele Mdoda became an object of jokes after informing her fans that she worked at Mr D Delivery for a day. In a recent tweet on her official channel, she had shared a picture of her on a Mr D jacket and denim. in the caption to her post, she noted she would be a delivery person for a day.

She ended by asking her fans to order something, as she wouldn’t be on the clock forever. The picture intrigued many South African and amused some others, some of whom ended up dropping irreverent jokes her way.

One such joke came from a fan, who noted that he wanted to order  Anele Mdoda, that she, Anele, is the meal. The picture Anele shared appeared and what she said appeared to lean towards marketing and brand promotion. Perhaps this was the company’s way of reigniting brand consciousness in patrons.

People might just want to order in the hope of having the celebrated media personality deliver their order. You can check out the tweet below.

This is Anele’s first known outing for the brand – this year, at least. All eyes are open to see what she does next and when.

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