Fans React As Boity Says She’s Finally Ready To Do The #sillouettechallenge

Fans React As Boity Says She’s Finally Ready To Do The #sillouettechallenge

The #sillouettechallenge may not be buzzing as it was about a month again, many people having ditched it for other avenues of entertainment, but there is someone who is still keen to leap into the vanishing trend.

Her name is Boity. When the sillouette challenge trended last month, many celebs from around the world joined in it and shared sizzling videos with the world. Apparently Boity wasn’t courageous to join in the trend at the time.

Now, apparently she is, and she has made her interest in it know – via a tweet days ago. You can check it out below.

Her interest in doing the challenge has provoked mixed reactions online. While some fans were for her joining the challenge, and urged her on, others were simply indifferent – whether she does the challenge or not, they don’t care.

Well, if she should eventually join the challenge, we would bring the clip right here to you. Don’t wanna miss it? Then follow our social media channels and subscribe to our newfeed.

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