Fans React As Faith Nketsi Shares Two Stunning Snaps

Known for always giving her fans stuff to talk about, South African shown host and socialite Faith Nketsi did that again recently with two snaps shared on her official Twitter page.

In the first picture, she could be seen standing and holding a bouquet of roses in what appears to be the front of her house. She looked happy. The same happiness was obvious in the second picture. This time, however, she is seated, with her bouquet still in hand.

This time, the camera had a better view of her dog. The dog was looking straight at the camera while Faith had her face averted a bit. In the caption to her post, she noted she is sending positive vibes and love to her fans. You can check out the post below.

The charms of the snaps weren’t lost on her fans who thronged her comment section to share how the pictures resonate with them. One fan even joked that he would do anything to make Gaith Nketsi his woman. Lol.

The only issue is that Faith Nketsi is no longer on the market. A bloke has paid lobola for her and she had even given birth to a daughter for him.

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