Fans React As Kanye West Introduces Sock Shoes, Post Adidas Partnership

American rapper Kanye West has not lost the business side of him despite the sporadic controversies that plague his life and actions. The songster is set to launch what has been described as “sock shoes,” but what are fans saying about it?

In a post on his official X account, the controversial rapper and record producer announced that YZY POD was available for preorder – the first release since the “liberation” from Adidas. Yeah, Ye and Adidas used to have a partnership worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

But that appears to be past tense now, as the rapper’s abrasive personality, as well as controversial takes (really denunciations) of Jews, led to Adidas severing ties with him. As a result, he lost his place as a billionaire. But he appeared unfazed by it all.

His imminent product line only hints at him going on without the support of  Adidas. Only, not everyone is pleased with the recently announced “sock shoes,” especially with the “hefty” price tag of $200 placed on them. You can check out the posts below.

Well, all eyes are now on Ye once again to see how his “solo” run will be without Adidas and what success he would make of his “sock shoes,” if at all.

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