Fans React As Nasty C Takes A Japanese Break

Nasty C, the de facto “Zulu Man With Some Power,” recently visited Japan and documented his journey in a clip now showing on Netflix, titled “Zulu Man In Japan.”

Before the trip, the hip hop star has always stated that he has an overpowering feeling he was meant to visit the Asian country. Well, beyond the feeling, and even beyond the visit, Nasty C may have shown a quick grasp of language.

In a clip shared online, nasty C could be seen speaking what appears to be Japanese. Fans were intrigued with how easily he could grasp a bit of the language. However, some fans think what he spoke wasn’t Japanese but Chinese.

At any rate, from the responses to the clip, it was clear Nasty C deeply moved those who listened to him. A particular fan said his whole furniture was upside down after listening to Nasty C. he urged the rapper to undo the spell. Can you beat that?

For one who has also displayed a fascination for japanese culture, perhaps his alanguage efforts should surprise no one. Or what do you think? You might want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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