Fans React As New Evidence Suggests AKA And A-Reece Worked On A Song For “Mass Country” Album

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It is no longer news that AKA is no more. 5he news is that the two narrowly missed working together on one of the songs for AKA’s “Mass Country” album. Or, better put, the two worked on something but it never got to see the light of day.

Amid recent criticism of A-Reece over his not working with AKA before his death, a DJ at A-Reece’s Revenge Club Records had revealed that The Boy Doing Things and AKA actually worked on something. He shared a picture showing a folder containing the song that A-Reece did with AKA.

From the image he shared, it could be seen that AKA featured A-Reece and Sjava in the same song.

For whatever reason, though, that version of the song never got to see the light of day.

The version that was included in the song that made it to the album included 031 Choppa and Baby S.O.N. It is unclear why A-Reece didn’t appear in the released version. But the Revenge Club Records DJ explained it away as being the result of the lack of request for stems from either AKA or members of his team. You can check out the tweet below.

Still, fans are excited that AKA and A-Reece at least worked on something.