Fans React As Sam Curran Erupts In Wild Celebration After Dismissing Temba Bavuma – Watch

Sports is something many people invest spirit, soul and body in – and this includes not just the fans but the sportsmen themselves. This reality plays out again and again in behaviours which have often been described as “wild.”

It played out recently as South faced off with the English team in a fierce cricket battle with the Rainbow Nation won, thanks in part to the excellent play of its team, especially the captain Temba Bavuma.

The English side was asked to bat first and actually did but they got off to a port start. And they didn’t quite recover to beat their South African rivals. Still, it must be noted that they put up a fierce fight.

With Temba Bavuma’s impressive form and near-definitive shots, it was, as a fan had noted, near impossible for there not to be a “celebration” of sorts when Sam Curran (the captain of the English side) was able to dismiss the South African captain and ensured his ball was full outside off.

Perhaps no one was as pleased with that as Sam Curran himself, and he erupted in such a celebration that had the court talking. The whole drama found its way on social media and continues to generate conversation.

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