Fans Call Out Flame For Shutting Off After Girlfriend Was Exposed For Cheating

Flames silence on the issue of his girlfriend cheating on him, as become worrisome for his fans, as most of them feel the rapper who comes out has been expressive, was becoming too quiet on the issue.

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Recall Flame’s girlfriend Ashleigh Ogle, was exposed as a cheater by Nav from J Molley’s camp. This happened during a beef response from J Molley to The Big Hash.

Nav brought up some really disturbing cheating allegations that had to do with Ashleigh sliding into his dm just to flirt with him and claims she had the same history with many other men on Instagram.

After all these allegations, Flame still chose to keep quiet on the issue. The rapper recently announced he will be dropping a new album, hopefully he gets to bare out his mind on some of the tracks on it.

Twitter fans have now reacted to his silence;

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