Fans Respond As AKA Speaks Of His Struggles With Being a Better Person

South African rapper has just shared his struggle with being a better person after he elected to stop beefing with other celebs and just focus on himself and doing better.

The “Touch My Blood” chanter gave a clue to his strugglers in a recent tweet. In that tweet, he noted that sometimes he craved zapping people who mess with him like he used to. But since he has deiced not to beef with anyone, he now has to look away.

Has that been easy? Not really. He readily admitted that is not easy being a better person. He is trying in that direction, anyway. He has gotten the support of some of his fans in this.

However, some other fans feel he shouldn’t be nice all the time when people mess with him. They urge him to respond appropriately to those who try to mess with him as well – at least occasionally. Whether would take that advice remains to be seen.

has had his fair share of industry conflicts, the most infamous being his beef with Cassper Nyovest. Although several attempts have been made to reconcile the two, they remain at war, with Cassper insisting he wouldn’t forgive the “Fela in Versace” rapper because he insulted his parents.

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