Fans Say Beyoncé Stole Usher’s Super Bowl Thunder

Fans claim Beyoncé stole Usher’s thunder at the Super Bowl by announcing her new project on the same day.

Everyone knows how the Super Bowl works. Artists who perform at halftime dominate the charts with their music, and there really isn’t any competition. This time, fans think Beyoncé blocked this year’s halftime performer Usher’s shine by announcing her new music and releasing her Verizon ad.

A fan wrote on X, “I’m screaming at Beyoncé taking all of the attention off of Usher after he just did a halftime show. Now all everybody is talking about is her new album and the Verizon commercial.”

Another reacted, “Usher must’ve walked off that stage and been P***ED that Beyoncé overshadowed his halftime show by dropping two new songs and announcing act II.”

Another fan wrote that the Houston star, “really took all the attention away from Usher after he did the halftime show I’m crying.”

However, some fans defended the singer. One wrote, “Beyoncé only stole Usher’s moment if you can’t chew gum and walk at the same time. Talk about both. You can do it.”

Others wrote, “The fact that Beyoncé and Usher are 25+ years in their careers and still leaders in their respective genre and culture is wild.”

“Welp, Usher and Beyoncé have successfully overshadowed the #SuperBowl and have given me everything I needed from today.”

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