Fans Share Encouraging Words With Jub Jub As His Assault Case Is Deferred Again

It is not yet uhuru for embattled rapper wand media personality Jub Jub whose assault case has just been deferred again. That notwithstanding, he would most likely be happy in the knowledge that his fans have been showing support all along.

Jub Jub’s lawyers have reportedly received the documents in the assault case against him and are reviewing them. After the review, the media personality and his lawyers will head back t court once again for the case to continue – that’s around March this year.

The last postponement of the case was in late 2023. On Monday, the case suffered another postponement, with a March date given in its place. Whether the March date will stick this time around is unclear.

Talking to his Instagram page soon after his court appearance on Monday, the Uyajola 99 host shared a picture of himself leaning against a wall. In the caption to the post was a quote from the bible about being in distress and seeking God’s intervention.

That was all his fans needed to show up in the comments and support him amid the crisis that has been plaguing him for a while.

It remains to be seen what direction the case will take by March.

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