Fans Shoot Their Shots As Makhadzi Confirms Breakup With Master KG

After initially denying that she and Master KG have broken up, Makhadzi has finally revealed that she is indeed single. She has been single for about eight months!

This much she revealed in a Facebook post recently. Some South Africans were surprised and some were amused and yet others saw it as an opportunity to shoot their shots and let her know they are in love with her and would love to have a relationship.

One fan noted that her brother loves Makhadzi so much but is afraid to tell her, Another implored her to start dating so that when they break her heart, she can make a hit song out of it. For some people, she had to blame for the current failed relationship because they watched her previously the first time Master KG broke up with her.

At the time, she was trending for her performance at the Lockdown House Party, an initiative to keep South Africans grooving virtually while the pandemic snarled across South Africa.

Last we checked, Makhadzi had not responded to those shooting their shots online. Of course, it is unlikely she would respond. Celebs usually gravitate to other celebs or people in the moneyed league.

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