End Of An Era: Lupita Nyongo’ Relationship With Hugh Masekela’s Selema Crashes Over His Allegedly Cheating

Once upon a time, Selema had shared about how in love with actress Lupita Nyongo he was, even asking the public for a line on how to woo her. Then, fate had worked in his favour and he found himself sitting next to her on a flight. They got talking and a relationship bloomed soon after.

With several pictures shared online, it was clear, that the couple was in love and ready to take things everywhere it needed to be taken to show their commitment to each other. Along the line, though, it appears that trouble had sprouted in their little paradise.

Allegedly, he had cheated on her in just one year of dating. and now, things are not as beautiful between them as they used to be. with the news of his cheating hitting social media, fans of the actress have been rallying around her to show their support.

The actress herself shared the story and informed her millions of followers on Instagram about the split. She pointed out how it is a period of sorrow for her over a love that was abruptly cut short because of deceit on Selema’s part. the post follows below.

It will be interesting to see who and when she starts dating again

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