Fans Stand Up for Sjava Amid Abuse/Rape Allegations

Fans stand up for Sjava amid abuse allegations from his former girlfriend, Lady Zamar

Fans of the multi-talented star, Sjava, have taken to Twitter to stand up for Sjava despite the rape allegations. They are scrutinizing the motives behind the abuse and rape allegations levelled against him by his former lover, Lady Zamar.

What sparked major support for the singer cum actor is a voice clip that revealed the couple having an argument over the lack of attention and communication.

Over the weekend, #JusticeforSjava has been trending as more fans have started to advocate for the singer’s innocence.

The singer’s loyal fans are fully on ground to defend him and show him their full support as he fights against the rape and abuse allegations that were levelled against him by Lady Zamar.

In November last year, Sjava took to Twitter to debunk the allegations made by his fellow singer and former lover, Lady Zamar. He stated that they were false. He also stated that he would pursue the matter through legal channels.

One of the people that is skeptical about Lady Zamar’s allegations is a music promoter who has previously worked with the singer. He questioned why Lady Zamar was so comfortable with being around a man who allegedly raped her, to the extent that she requested to perform after Sjava in concerts and even have her dressing room next to Sjava.

When the news regarding the rape allegations recently broke, the social media scene was divided over the two singers. While some stood in support of Lady Zamar, others think that Lady Zamar’s motive is to get back at her former lover by ruining his reputation.

A Twitter user recently shared a voice clip where Sjava and Lady Zamar could be heard arguing over lack of communication in their relationship. Lady Zamar had stated that she wanted attention from Sjava, who was her then-boyfriend.

This voice clip has made Sjava’s fans to be more supportive of him.

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