Fans Stunned As Pearl Thusi Celebrates 36th Birthday

Mzansi is stunned as famous actress and DJ Pearl Thusi celebrates her 36th birthday. They thought she was in her forties.

Pearl Thusi has been one of the most talked-about celebs this year. This is because of her move from the screen to DJing, and of course, her outfit choices which do not sit well with her fans. The star recently celebrated her 36th birthday and Mzansi could not believe it.

The news was shared by entertainment page MDN News who wished Thusi a happy birthday, writing,

“Happy birthday Pearl Thusi. She’s turning 36 today.”

Mzansi was shocked and revealed they had always thought that she was in her forties. According to them, this is why the DJ has been heavily criticized for her skimpy outfit choices because they thought she was too old for them. Others noted that she still looks like she’s in her 20s.

@MR_K_R_B reacted to the post, “She’s so beautiful. I love how unproblematic she is, and how she just minds her business… Happy birthday Pearl, I love you”

@MarianTiisetso replied, “She’s still young moss. I thought she’s in her late 40s the way you guys call her pensioner.”

@UrbanStreetZA also reacted to the post, “She’s not that old hey.”

Fans Stunned As Pearl Thusi Celebrates 36Th Birthday 2

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