Vin Diesel Surprisingly Drops New Song “Feel Like I Do”, Fans React

Fans in shock as Hollywood star, Vin Diesel surprisingly drops a new song.

As they say, you can only know so much about a person. It is even harder to figure people out when they’re under the spotlight. Fans feel like they know their favourite artists and actors, but the sad truth is that they only know what these public figures want them to.

Honestly, we are just as shocked as you are witnessing Hollywood star, Vin Diesel’s most recent move. Apparently, he can sing and we had no idea about it. The “Fast & Furious” star has made a successful career out of appearing in action films.

He has since managed to keep his music side away from view. In a post made to social media on Friday, September 25th, he shared a song he did titled “Feel Like I Do”, and fans were in awe. A lot them confessed that they loved it, and never expected they it would be that good.

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