Fans Unimpressed With Britney Spears’ Instagram Nudes Storm

Britney spears recently went on nudes dumping spree on Instagram, where she has an impressive 41 million followers.

From “oh” to “ah” to “hotney,” it was clear from the reactions that her fans were enjoying the nudes she was sharing on the platform. In the caption to one of the posts, she said it was a photo dump from Mexico before she got pregnant. She also noted she looked ten years younger.

In another post, she affirmed her love for her fans, a love “SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOO much.” Of course, her fans were also quick to let her know they love her just as much.

But some fans were already surfeit with the storm of nudes, and they urged her to cover up – put on the clothes and let them have a semblance of sanity for once.

She appeared to have listened to the fans, as the next post showed her fully clothed. In the caption, she noted it was a clip dump from before she got pregnant. It resonated with fans the most and has been liked almost 7 million times at the time of writing. You can check it out below.

By the way, the songstress is gearing up to get married to Sam Asghari, and fans have warned her to protect her wealth from him.

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