Fans Unimpressed With Unathi’s Move To Star FM

It appears like some social media users are not impressed with Unathi’s new radio gig and they have questioned the relevance of the station she now works.

Unathi had, weeks earlier, announced she had snapped a new radio gig but she failed to mention with what radio station she’ll now be working. It was only recently revealed that she’ll now be presenting at Star FM.

Some fans have scoffed at the news of her now becoming a presenter at Star FM, insisting the station is not nearly as relevant as Kaya FM. As far as some of the critics of her new presenting move are concerned, no one listens to star FM.

Until her departure to Star FM, Unathi was a presenter at Kaya FM, one of the popular radio stations in Mzansi. She’d accused a fellow presenter of verbally abusing her.

However, an internal investigation dismissed her claim as a lie. She was therefore fired from her position at the station. She was adamant the station wasn’t fair to her, sharing posts online to buttress her claims.

Some fans may be unimpressed with her Star FM role, but then having taken up the role, she’s indirectly made it clear the Star FM gig is Kay with her.

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