Fans Urge DJ Sbu To “Wash His Crown” As He Shows Off His Dreadlocks

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Fans urge DJ Sbu to “wash his hair” as he shows off his dreads on Twitter.

Evidently, DJ Sbu is not catching a break any longer on the streets of Mzansi Twitter. The famous DJ’s looks have changed through the years. He has gone from a clean-shaven head to dreads, and his fans aren’t feeling it so much.

The star has often been criticized for his looks, but the criticism barely has an effort on him. He recently joined the viral dreadlocks challenge, sparked by an incident at Crowthorne Christian Academy.

Sbu wrote, “I see dreadlocks are trending today. I don’t have any opinions, and I don’t have anything much to say except to say enjoy your crown, embrace your crown, love your crown.” Fans were not feeling his locks and reacted with laughter emojis and urged him to “wash his crown.” That, of course, will still not get to him.