Fans Weigh In On Prince Kaybee’s Weight Loss Journey Photos

People opt to lose weight for multiple reasons. The thing is that, whoever they are, their decision to lose weight – and go ahead with the same – is bound to attract attention and comment, negative or not.

The attention and comments are usually stronger when the person who has lost weight is a celebrity. This reality manifests almost all the time. But Prince Kaybee is our latest example. 

The house DJ recently shared pictures of his before and after weight loss journey on social media. It was an avenue to let fans in on how his life has changed a bit over the decision he made regarding his weight.

Well, his post ended up eliciting mixed reactions from his audience. While some thought that the weight loss journey had been worth it and he looked way better now than before, some of those who reacted to the images pointed out that he looked way better before he began the weight loss journey.

The house DJ and producer doesn’t appear to care much about what was said, however. He wanted to lose weight and he did just that. What people have to say doesn’t pretty much concern him. He has made his decision and that’s what counts for him. Well, can you beat that?    

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