Fans Wish Lady Zamar a Happy 28th Birthday

Fans serenade Lady Zamar with beautiful birthday wishes and messages, ignoring her past troubles with ex-boyfriend Sjava.

It is safe to say that Lady Zamar has finally moved on with her life and started afresh. We can all tell from her music that she’s already charting a new course and ignoring all the criticism she got in the past.

Since her messy fight with Sjava, she has become a punching bag for trolls on social media. She is constantly abused on Twitter, and it has made her recline into her familiar shell. Still, Zamar has made beautiful music and kept her spirit up.

Taking to Twitter on June 19, the “World’s Gone Crazy” star shared a photo announcing it was her birthday. The picture garnered over 10 thousand likes, with floods of messages from fans. They serenaded her with well-wishers and made her feel great. Check the tweet out below and some of the comments.

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