“Farting” Somizi On Big Zulu’s Stage – The Comedic Video That Had Mzansi Roaring With Laughter

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In Mzansi, you can rest assured that the comedy never stops. There is always something to lighten the spirit of those who are actually paying attention. A recent example had netizens splitting their sides in laughter.

The scene was a Big Zulu show and Somizi was present. In the spirit of the performance, the Idols SA judge popped into the stage, where he started dancing. He then fell over. The creator of the TikTok video imitated a farting sound with every dance move Somizi made until he stopped dancing.

It was a moment of hilarity that wasn’t lost on fans of the comedic media personality who never dodges any chance to entertain his fans. It is unclear if Somizi has seen the clip, but it is most likely something that will provoke laughter from him. You can check it out below.



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Somizi is one of South Africa’s most-loved celebs out there, He has a dramatic personality that appears to draw people to him. In fact, that was how he was able to build a strong and loyal fanbase.

If you are looking for a break from the drab, you might want to watch out the video the TikTok creator has put together.