Fashionable Thabang Trends On Twitter

Fans praise Big Brother Titans star Thabang as “Fashionable Thabang” trends on Twitter.

If you thought the grip Thabang had on fans ended when he left the Big Brother Titans house, you’d better think again. The handsome reality star stole many hearts while he was there. He is still getting all the attention, even after the show.

You may have noticed “Fashionable Thabang” dominating the trends today. Fans have been gushing about his incredible taste and good looks. And boy, he does dress nice. Social media has been flooded with photos and videos of the 21-year-old as they hail him for always looking good.

A fan tweeted at David Tlale to take note of the model and reality star because he has a massive fanbase behind him. Some fans claim they have so many photos of him on their phones because he never dresses down. Check some of the tweets below.

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