Fear, Uncertainty As Rescuers Scramble To Locate Survivors After Cyclone Freddy Shatters Malawi

A cyclone is not something anyone would want to experience in a lifetime = not only are the prospects grim but there is also no assurance that one would survive it. But then, life has a way of intruding violently in the affairs of men: Cyclones come and people count their losses.

Malawi is one country under the hammer of a cyclone right now, and rescuers are scrambling to get survivors out of the storm of chaos engulfing the poor African country.

Cyclone Freddy struck Blantyre, one of Malawi’s notable cities, provoking landslides and floods that have killed more than 200 people, according to reports.

Even as fear and uncertainty walk tall in the battered country, rescuers, including members of Red Cross Malawi, ramp up their efforts to get as many out of harm’s way as possible. Giving insights into the tragedy and the sudden scramble for survival among residents, Red Cross Malawi spokesperson Felix Washoni noted that they found people on higher grounds, rooftops, and even in trees.

Also, because the water is high and bridges broken, it is a challenge to reach these people. But efforts are still underway to reach them. By the way, this isn’t the first time a cyclone has struck the area.

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