FEC Scrutinizing Kanye West’s Presidential Election Campaign Donations

Former presidential hopeful is said to be under investigation, following reports that his campaign accepted donations from several underage voters.

The “Donda” rapper’s campaign was said to have accepted donations from foreign nationals as well as minors, actions deemed illegal by the Federal Election Commission (FEC).  This “unlawful” fundraising practices was said to have netted Ye’s campaign about $100,000.

A report by Daily indicated that one of Ye’s supporters, Ian Bloom, claims to have ordered $3,280 worth of campaign merch but failed to receive it, even after sending a mail to the campaign.

Bloom, 16, claims to know other people who made similar orders but failed to get their merch in the mail.

The news that is under investigation for accepting multiple donations from minors has generated mixed reactions online. Some of West’s supporters spat at the investigation, wondering out loud if the campaigns of Trump and Joe Biden didn’t make similar legal infractions.

Some peeps think, though, that FEC is walking the right part by investigating the rapper.

Well, what are your thoughts on the investigation of West’s campaign donations? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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